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Sermons from 2016
2016-10-16Fruitfulness - Mark11:12-14Pastor Stephen Wilson6.44 MBDownload
2016-10-02Celebrating Jesus - Mark 11:1-11Pastor Stephen Wilson5.60 MBDownload
2016-09-25I Once Was Blind, But Now I See - Mark 10:46-52Pastor Stephen Wilson5.88 MBDownload
2016-09-18The End of Grace - Revelations 21-22Rev. Scott Mitchell5.76 MBDownload
2016-09-11Here We Go Again! - Mark 10:32-45Pastor Stephen Wilson5.71 MBDownload
2016-08-21The Magnificent Mystery of Marriage (Part 2) - Mark 10:1-12Pastor Stephen Wilson6.43 MBDownload
2016-08-14The Magnificent Mystery of Marriage (Part 1) - Mark 10:1-12Pastor Stephen Wilson6.54 MBDownload
2016-08-07Stop It! - Mark 9:38-50Pastor Stephen Wilson7.83 MBDownload
2016-07-31Great! Just Great! - Mark 9:30-37Pastor Stephen Wilson6.45 MBDownload
2016-07-24Help Me In My Unbelief! (Part 3) - Mark 9:14-29Pastor Stephen Wilson5.61 MBDownload
2016-07-17Sermon from Rev. Glen RiexingerRev. Glen Riexinger5.52 MBDownload
2016-07-10Help Me In My Unbelief! (Part 2) - Mark 9:14-29Pastor Stephen Wilson5.77 MBDownload
2016-07-03Help Me In My Unbelief! - Mark 9:14-29Pastor Stephen Wilson5.25 MBDownload
2016-06-26Everyday Loving KindnessElder Bill Barnes6.32 MBDownload
2016-06-19Sermon from Rev. Glen RiexingerRev. Glen Riexinger5.98 MBDownload
2016-06-12Raised with Christ - Ephesians 3:14-21Pastor Mark Howard5.13 MBDownload
2016-06-05Raised with Christ - Colossians 3:1-4Elder John Schwartz6.06 MBDownload
2016-05-29The Pursuit of Happiness - Ecclesiastes 2:18-26Elder Kenn Anderson, Jr.6.44 MBDownload
2016-05-22Grace: The Freedom to Sin - Romans 5:1-2, 5:20-21, 6:1-2Rev. Scott Mitchell6.28 MBDownload
2016-05-15The Stoop of Grace - 2 Samuel 9:1-13Rev. Scott Mitchell6.77 MBDownload
2016-05-08Sermon from Scott HarveyScott Harvey3.88 MBDownload
2016-01-31The Tetrach Who Would Be King - Mark 6:14-29Pastor Stephen Wilson6.64 MBDownload
2016-01-24Ambassadors for the King - Mark 6:7-13Pastor Stephen Wilson5.10 MBDownload
2016-01-17The Power of Unbelief - Mark 6:1-6Pastor Stephen Wilson5.59 MBDownload
Sermons from 2015
2016-09-11Here We Go Again! - Mark 10:32-45Pastor Stephen Wilson6.78 MBDownload
2015-11-22Who Is This Really? - Mark 4:35-41Pastor Stephen Wilson5.82 MBDownload
2015-11-01All in the Family - Mark 3:20-35Pastor Stephen Wilson5.32 MBDownload
2015-10-24Jesus' Master Plan of Evangelism - Mark 3:7-19Pastor Stephen Wilson5.91 MBDownload
2015-10-18Lord of the Sabbath - Mark 2:23-3:6Pastor Stephen Wilson5.91 MBDownload
2015-10-11New Wine for Fresh Wineskins - Mark 2:18-22Pastor Stephen Wilson5.74 MBDownload
2015-09-27Who Needs Him Anyway?!? - Mark 2:13-17Pastor Stephen Wilson6.53 MBDownload
2015-09-20Who Are you Really? - Mark 2:1-12Pastor Stephen Wilson6.71 MBDownload
2015-09-13This is Why He Came - Mark 1:29-39Pastor Stephen Wilson6.76 MBDownload
2015-09-06The Power and Authority to Make Clean - Mark 1:21-28Pastor Stephen Wilson6.69 MBDownload
2015-08-30The Kingdom Come - Mark 1:9-20Pastor Stephen Wilson6.00 MBDownload
2015-08-23Taking a Stand on Biblical Morality - Romans 1:18-32Pastor Stephen Wilson6.10 MBDownload
2015-08-16Preparing the Way - Mark 1:4-8Pastor Stephen Wilson6.22 MBDownload
2015-08-09On Your Mark - Mark 1:1-3Pastor Stephen Wilson7.24 MBDownload
2015-08-02The Good Samaritan - Luke 10:26-37Pastor Stephen Wilson6.22 MBDownload
2015-07-26Psalms, Proverbs, and Riddles - Psalm 49Pastor Stephen Wilson6.82 MBDownload
2015-07-19The City of the Great King - Psalm 48Pastor Stephen Wilson5.72 MBDownload
2015-07-12We are... Hope Church! - Jeremiah 29:1-14Pastor Stephen Wilson5.95 MBDownload
2015-07-05A House Divided Against Itself - Mark 3:20-30Pastor Stephen Wilson5.87 MBDownload
2015-06-28Spirit-Led Christianity - Acts 13:1-3Pastor Stephen Wilson6.08 MBDownload
2015-06-21The Strength God Provides - Judges 6:1-16Pastor Stephen Wilson6.40 MBDownload
2015-06-07Body Life (Part 2) - Romans 12:4-18Pastor Stephen Wilson5.34 MBDownload
2015-05-31Gospel for a Good Guy - Mark 10:17-22Rev. Paul Brace5.77 MBDownload
2015-05-24You Have Received Power - Acts 1:6-8, 2:1-21David Green5.26 MBDownload
2015-05-17Body Life (Part 1) - Romans 12:4-18Pastor Stephen Wilson6.79 MBDownload
2015-05-10Magnificent Motherhood - Luke 1:46-55Pastor Stephen Wilson6.42 MBDownload
2015-05-03Worthy is the Lamb - Revelation 5Pastor Stephen Wilson6.12 MBDownload
2015-04-19The Continuity of the Covenant - Isaiah 55Pastor Stephen Wilson4.58 MBDownload
2015-04-12Soli Deo Gloria - Romans 11:33-36Pastor Stephen Wilson5.84 MBDownload
2015-04-05That You May Believe - John 20Pastor Stephen Wilson5.23 MBDownload
2015-03-29The Whole Gospel for the Whole Man - John 12:12-50Pastor Stephen Wilson5.77 MBDownload
2015-03-22The Sovereignty of God - Romans 9:1-26Pastor Stephen Wilson6.64 MBDownload
2015-03-15The Gospel in the 21st Century - Luke 15:1-10Pastor Stephen Wilson5.75 MBDownload
2015-03-08What Does a Grace-Based Church Look Like? - 1 Corinthians 12:12-31Pastor Stephen Wilson5.79 MBDownload
2015-02-15Lovingly Bringing the Message of Christ to our CommunityPastor Stephen Wilson6.31 MBDownload
2015-02-08What Does It Look Like to Worship Christ? (Part Two) - John 4:1-26Pastor Stephen Wilson7.41 MBDownload
2015-02-01What Does It Look Like to Worship Christ? - John 4:1-26Pastor Stephen Wilson4.44 MBDownload
2015-01-25Can Anyone Really Know God? - Jeremiah 9:23-24Pastor Stephen Wilson6.78 MBDownload
Sermons from 2014
2014-12-28Final Instructions - Joshua 23Pastor Stephen Wilson6.37 MBDownload
2014-12-21Joseph of Arimethea, Waiting for the Kingdom - Luke 23:50-56Pastor Stephen Wilson6.19 MBDownload
2014-12-14Christians: Waiting for their Lord - Luke 12:35-38Pastor Stephen Wilson5.94 MBDownload
2014-12-07Anna: Waiting for Redemption - Luke 2:36-38Pastor Stephen Wilson5.50 MBDownload
2014-11-30Simeon: Waiting for Consolation - Luke 2:23-35Pastor Stephen Wilson6.96 MBDownload
2014-11-23A Tale of Two Cities - Joshua 20-21Pastor Stephen Wilson895.17 KBDownload
2014-11-16Our Inheritance - Joshua 13:1-19:51Pastor Stephen Wilson5.06 MBDownload
2014-11-09Conquering What God Has Given - Joshua 10:16-12:24Pastor Stephen Wilson6.09 MBDownload
2014-11-02Building Wisely - Matthew 7:24-29, Luke 6:46-49Pastor Stephen Wilson6.40 MBDownload
2014-10-26The Day the Sun Stood Still - Joshua 10:1-15Pastor Stephen Wilson5.71 MBDownload
2014-10-19Disguised as an Angel of LightPastor Stephen Wilson6.04 MBDownload
2014-10-12Covenant Renewal - Joshua 8:30-35Pastor Stephen Wilson6.40 MBDownload
2014-10-05How to Love God More - Luke 7:35-50Pastor Stephen Wilson5.70 MBDownload
2014-09-28Sanctified Planning - Joshua 8:1-29Pastor Stephen Wilson6.49 MBDownload
2014-09-21Who Are We? - 1 Corinthians 1:1-9Rev. Scott Harvey4.58 MBDownload
2014-09-14Can God Deliver? - Daniel 3Pastor Bob Lacock6.40 MBDownload
2014-08-24Set Apart for God - Joshua 6:15-27Pastor Stephen Wilson5.41 MBDownload
2014-08-17Strange Marching Orders - Joshua 6:1-23Pastor Stephen Wilson6.18 MBDownload
2014-08-10Our Commander and Chief - Joshua 5:13 – 6:5 Pastor Stephen Wilson5.93 MBDownload
2014-08-03A Covenantal Relationship - Joshua 5:1-12Pastor Stephen Wilson6.08 MBDownload
2014-07-27How Easily We Forget - Joshua 4Pastor Stephen Wilson7.16 MBDownload
2014-07-13Today You May Know - Joshua 3Pastor Stephen Wilson5.47 MBDownload
2014-07-06Fruit Inspectors - Matthew 7:15-23Pastor Stephen Wilson6.93 MBDownload
2014-06-29God or Country? - Joshua 2Pastor Stephen Wilson5.98 MBDownload
2014-06-22Out of the Frying Pan - Joshua 1:10Pastor Stephen Wilson6.13 MBDownload
2014-06-15The Obedience That Leads to Fatih - Joshua 1:1-9Pastor Stephen Wilson7.23 MBDownload
2014-06-08An Unlimited Source of Power - Joshua 1:1-9Pastor Stephen Wilson5.85 MBDownload
2014-06-01The Largest Speck - Luke 6:37-42Pastor Stephen Wilson6.96 MBDownload
2014-05-25Bound for the Promised Land - Joshua 1:1-9Pastor Stephen Wilson5.14 MBDownload
2014-05-18King of Kings and Lord of All - Psalm 47Pastor Stephen Wilson5.93 MBDownload
2014-05-04Don't Worry! Be Happy! - Luke 12:22-34Pastor Stephen Wilson6.47 MBDownload
2014-04-27Emmanuel, Part 1 - Psalm 46Pastor Stephen Wilson6.45 MBDownload
2014-04-20Can't or Won't - Matthew 28:11-15Pastor Stephen Wilson6.12 MBDownload
2014-04-18Seven Last Words of Christ - Good Friday Part 7Pastor Stephen Wilson1.57 MBDownload
2014-04-18Seven Last Words of Christ - Good Friday Part 6Pastor Bill Boekestein559.03 KBDownload
2014-04-18Seven Last Words of Christ - Good Friday Part 5Elder Kenn Anderson, Jr.1.21 MBDownload
2014-04-18Seven Last Words of Christ - Good Friday Part 4Elder Doug Batzel1.25 MBDownload
2014-04-18Seven Last Words of Christ - Good Friday Part 3Pastor Mike Conroy2.34 MBDownload
2014-04-18Seven Last Words of Christ - Good Friday Part 2Pastor Dennis Augostine1.91 MBDownload
2014-04-18Seven Last Words of Christ - Good Friday Part 1Pastor Doug Jensen895.17 KBDownload
2014-04-13Let's Celebrate - John 12:12-19Pastor Stephen Wilson6.83 MBDownload
2014-04-06Sheep and Goats - Matthew 25:31-46Pastor Stephen Wilson5.66 MBDownload
2014-03-30Children of the King - Psalm 45Pastor Stephen Wilson6.78 MBDownload
2014-03-23Knowing About God & Knowing God - Psalm 44Pastor Stephen Wilson6.79 MBDownload
2014-03-16A Need for Vindication - Psalm 43Pastor Stephen Wilson5.48 MBDownload
2014-03-09The Call of the Deacon - Acts 6:1-7Pastor Stephen Wilson5.70 MBDownload
2014-03-02Are You Ready - Matthew 25:1-13Pastor Stephen Wilson5.85 MBDownload
2014-02-09Near the Cross - Psalm 40:9-17Pastor Stephen Wilson6.73 MBDownload
2014-02-02Necessary Clothing - Matthew 22:1-14Pastor Stephen Wilson5.88 MBDownload
2014-01-26The Core Values of Hope ChurchPastor Stephen Wilson6.49 MBDownload
2014-01-19How Do Pro-Life Christians Honor a Pro-Choice President?Pastor Stephen Wilson4.97 MBDownload
2014-01-12Beloved - Matthew 3:13-17Rev. Scott Mitchell6.25 MBDownload
2014-01-05Sermon by Glen RiexingerPastor Glen Riexinger6.71 MBDownload
Sermons from 2013
2013-12-29Blessed is the Man - Psalm 40:1-8Pastor Stephen Wilson5.27 MBDownload
2013-12-24The Mystery of the Incarnation (Christmas Eve)Pastor Stephen Wilson3.02 MBDownload
2013-12-22Sermon by Rev. Glen RiexingerRev. Glen Riexinger6.81 MBDownload
2013-12-15The Mystery of the Stables Pastor Stephen Wilson5.02 MBDownload
2013-12-08The Mystery of Egypt - Matthew 2:13-23Pastor Stephen Wilson5.57 MBDownload
2013-12-01The Mystery of the Virgin BirthPastor Stephen Wilson6.13 MBDownload
2013-11-24Sharpening Our Perspective - Psalm 39Pastor Stephen Wilson5.35 MBDownload
2013-11-17Sin and Guilt, Part 2 - Psalm 38Pastor Stephen Wilson5.60 MBDownload
2013-11-10Overwhelming Sinfulness?Pastor Stephen Wilson6.76 MBDownload
2013-11-03The Delayed Master - Mathew 24:37-51Pastor Stephen Wilson4.80 MBDownload
2013-10-27The Great Commission - Matthew 28:16-20Pastor Stephen Wilson6.00 MBDownload
2013-10-20On Being Sent - Matthew 10Pastor Stephen Wilson4.79 MBDownload
2013-10-13The Lord of the Harvest - Matthew 9:35-38Pastor Stephen Wilson4.43 MBDownload
2013-10-06Fishermen or Fishers of Men - Luke 5:1-11Pastor Stephen Wilson4.22 MBDownload
2013-09-23Matthew and FriendsPastor Stephen Wilson3.84 MBDownload
2013-09-22The Glory of God in Missions - Psalm 96David Green6.60 MBDownload
2013-09-15The Destiny of the Wicked and the Righteous - Psalm 37Pastor Stephen Wilson5.43 MBDownload
2013-09-08Delighting in the Lord, Part 3: What God Delights to GivePastor Stephen Wilson5.99 MBDownload
2013-09-01Two Sons, One Father - Matthew 21:23-32Pastor Stephen Wilson4.96 MBDownload
2013-08-25Delighting in the Lord, Part 2: Waiting for GodPastor Stephen Wilson5.10 MBDownload
2013-08-18Firstfruits - I Cor. 15:1-20Rev. Dave Fidati7.61 MBDownload
2013-08-11Delighting in the Lord, Part 1: Desiring GodPastor Stephen Wilson6.01 MBDownload
2013-08-04Ambassadors for the King: Capturing the EnemiesJacob Pursley6.66 MBDownload
2013-07-28Pleasing GodPastor Bill Boekestein6.66 MBDownload
2013-06-09What Does the Fear of God Look Like - Psalm 34:11-14Pastor Stephen Wilson7.58 MBDownload
2013-05-26Let Us Marvel in the Mercy of God - Deuteronomy 5:8-10Pastor Dennis Rowe8.19 MBDownload
2013-05-19Glorifying My Deliverer - Psalm 34:1-10Pastor Stephen Wilson19.22 MBDownload
2013-05-12The Mothers of Christ - Matthew 1:1-16Pastor Stephen Wilson7.54 MBDownload
2013-05-04Forbearance - Matthew 18:21-35Pastor Stephen Wilson8.87 MBDownload
2013-04-28A Christian Nation? - Psalm 33:12-22Pastor Stephen Wilson8.93 MBDownload
2013-04-21Freedom! - Galatians 5:1-6Pastor David Wallover7.84 MBDownload
2013-04-14Can Anyone Thwart God? - Psalm 33:6-11Pastor Stephen Wilson7.19 MBDownload
2013-04-07Dragnet - Matthew 13:47-52Pastor Stephen Wilson6.91 MBDownload
2013-03-31Hearts That Burn - Luke 24:13-35Pastor Stephen Wilson7.40 MBDownload
2013-03-29Good Friday Sermons7 Different Pastors19.22 MBDownload
2013-03-24It's Sunday, but Friday's Coming! - Luke 19:28-44Pastor Stephen Wilson7.44 MBDownload
2013-03-17Praise That Is Praiseworthy - Psalm 33:1-5Pastor Stephen Wilson9.40 MBDownload
2013-03-10Of Horses and Mules - Psalm 32:8-11Pastor Stephen Wilson9.62 MBDownload
2013-03-03Yes, But Is That Fair?" - Matthew 20:1-16Pastor Stephen Wilson8.00 MBDownload
2013-02-24Everyone Who Is Godly - Psalm 32:6-7Pastor Stephen Wilson8.05 MBDownload
2013-02-17Sermon from February 17, 2013Pastor Stephen Wilson8.52 MBDownload
2013-02-10Sermon from February 10,2013Pastor Stephen Wilson6.84 MBDownload
2013-02-03The Pearl of Great Price - Matthew 13:44-46Pastor Stephen Wilson8.89 MBDownload
2013-01-27The Key to Hope - 2 Corinthians 4:1Pastor Stephen Wilson8.25 MBDownload
2013-01-20To Fear and Not Be Afraid, Part One - Psalm 31:19-24Pastor Stephen Wilson9.15 MBDownload
2013-01-13In What Do We Trust? - Psalm 31:6-18Pastor Stephen Wilson6.62 MBDownload
2013-01-06Signs of the End - Luke 21:5-37Pastor Stephen Wilson8.38 MBDownload
Sermons from 2012
2012-12-30In God We Trust - Psalm 31:1-5Pastor Stephen Wilson7.82 MBDownload
2012-12-23The People Who Missed Christmas: People of Bethlehem - Luke 2:1-20Pastor Stephen Wilson5.60 MBDownload
2012-12-16The People Who Missed Christmas: Families - Matthew 1:18-25Pastor Stephen Wilson8.77 MBDownload
2012-12-09The People Who Missed Christmas: God's Covenant People - Matthew 2:1-12Pastor Stephen Wilson7.21 MBDownload
2012-12-02The People Who Missed Christmas: The Innkeeper - Luke 2:1-7Pastor Stephen Wilson7.46 MBDownload
2012-11-25Our Need of God's Presence - Psalm 30Pastor Stephen Wilson6.75 MBDownload
2012-11-18The Danger of Success - Psalm 30Pastor Stephen Wilson6.32 MBDownload
2012-11-11Turning Mourning Into Dancing - Psalm 30Pastor Stephen Wilson7.75 MBDownload
2012-11-04The Lost Sheep - Luke 15:1-10Pastor Stephen Wilson6.90 MBDownload
2012-10-28Reformation Sunday - Historical IntroductionPastor Mike Conroy3.08 MBDownload
2012-10-28Reformation Sunday - The Chief End of ManPastor Bill Boekestein5.56 MBDownload
2012-10-28The Grace of the Gospel - Mark 2:13-17Scott Mitchell8.43 MBDownload
2012-10-21Counting the Cost (Part 2) - Luke 14:25-35Pastor Stephen Wilson7.25 MBDownload
2012-10-07Tenants vs. Owners - Luke 20:1-19Pastor Stephen Wilson7.14 MBDownload
2012-09-30Counting the Cost - Luke 14:25-35Pastor Stephen Wilson9.27 MBDownload
2012-09-23Mighty is Our God - Psalm 29Pastor Stephen Wilson8.72 MBDownload
2012-09-16Prayer That God Delights to Hear - Psalm 28Pastor Stephen Wilson7.59 MBDownload
2012-09-09Three Spritual Disciplines of a Godly Man (Part 2) - Psalm 27:7-14Pastor Stephen Wilson10.28 MBDownload
2012-09-02How To Pray for the Church and Nations - Daniel 6 & 9Pastor Glen Riexinger6.53 MBDownload
2012-08-26Three Spritual Disciplines of a Godly Man (Part 1) - Psalm 27:7-14Pastor Stephen Wilson8.21 MBDownload
2012-08-19A Taste of Heaven - Psalm 27:4-6Pastor Stephen Wilson7.56 MBDownload
2012-08-12Shining the Light of God into our Fear - Psalm 27:1-3Pastor Stephen Wilson7.86 MBDownload
2012-08-05Mustard Seed Faith - Mark 4:30-32Pastor Stephen Wilson7.19 MBDownload
2012-07-26A Man After God's Own Heart (Part Four) - Psalm 26Pastor Stephen Wilson8.65 MBDownload
2012-07-22A Man After God's Own Heart (Part Three) - Psalm 26Pastor Stephen Wilson9.00 MBDownload
2012-07-15A Man After God's Own Heart (Part Two) - Psalm 26Pastor Stephen Wilson7.00 MBDownload
2012-07-01Separating the Wheat from the Weeds - Matthew 13:24-30Pastor Stephen Wilson8.61 MBDownload
2012-06-24A Man After God's Own Heart (Part One) - Psalm 26Pastor Stephen Wilson7.96 MBDownload
2012-06-17Father's Day - John 10:22-42Pastor Stephen Wilson7.31 MBDownload
2012-06-10A Cry for Help - Psalm 25:15-22Pastor Stephen Wilson8.01 MBDownload
2012-06-03Glen Riexinger SermonPastor Glen Riexinger4.95 MBDownload
2012-05-27The Ways of God - Psalm 25:4-15Pastor Stephen Wilson8.73 MBDownload
2012-05-20To Be Humble and UnashamedPastor Stephen Wilson8.90 MBDownload
2012-05-13The Two Were Not OnePastor Stephen Wilson7.98 MBDownload
2012-05-06The King of Glory - Psalm 24:7-10Pastor Stephen Wilson7.11 MBDownload
2011-09-18Sermon from September 18, 2011Pastor Stephen Wilson9.55 MBDownload
2011-09-11Sermon from September 11, 2011Pastor Stephen Wilson8.57 MBDownload
2011-09-04Sermon from September 04, 2011Pastor Stephen Wilson6.63 MBDownload
2011-08-28Sermon from August 28, 2011Pastor Stephen Wilson8.53 MBDownload