Children's Christian Education Classes

Children's Classes

Fall Quarter - September 2017 - November 2017

Preschool - Parent and Me Style (4-5 yr olds)

   taught by Keene Bixler
   God Created All Things
- Discover the Creator through His word and His creation.

Elementary (Grades 1-4) (6-9 yr old)

taught by Kay Denesevich
Elementary Catechism -This quarter will cover the first 57 questions of the Catechism.

Middle School (Grades 5 - 7) (10-13 yr old)

taught by Kathy Batzel
    Pilgrims Progress
- Capture your children's imaginations and introduce them to John Bunyan's enduring masterpiece with this all-new children's adaptation of The Pilgrim's Progress!

High School/Young Men's (Grade 8-12 & recent graduates)  

aught by Scott Lindemuth
   The Reason for God -
The young men will study this Tim Keller book using the discussion videos and book study notes.