What is Hope Church?
Hope Church is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church of America. Our worship is guided and ordered by the Holy Scriptures. Our conscious intent is to bring honor and glory to our Lord and our God by lifting up the name of Jesus Christ. The preaching of the Word of God is central in this.

Contact Information

Contact Hope Church
The Church Mailing Address is:

Hope Church (PCA)
4951 Birney Ave.
Cee Kay Auto Plaza
Moosic, PA 18507

Our Phone: 570-451-7460
Pastor's Email: pastor@hopenepa.org
Secretaries' Email: secretary@hopenpa.org

If you need to speak with Pastor Steve Wilson, or with one of the Elders, please take advantage of our voice mail. The phone numbers are listed above, or you may email the pastor by clicking on the link above. In addition, our secretaries are often available to assist in any way they can.

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